Colours of the walls

For the energetic optimists stylist advises: In the second arrangement of the living room, furnished room in a sparingly details appear in the colour of cobalt. Pillows on the couch, glassware, lamps in the corner to work are the contrast with the warm colours of the walls. Shelves in a recess in the living room painted the colour magenta, so that they blend into the background colour of the walls, and set them appear as bright objects suspended in space. Drafting table has given way to a convenient on metal legs.

Energetic colors living area

The living room and wall colours for sensitive - Passion last “owner” of our living room is to design clothes. Soft, pastel colours of the walls and the subtlety of additives show a romantic, calm temperament people living here. Living room full of objects and details, such as sewing mannequin, designs on the walls, baskets of sewing accessories, clearly reveal the nature of his unusual hobby. Painting the walls for a young woman is constantly interacting with the colours would give the appearance of a spacious room salon-studio. Therefore chose the pastel colours of the walls.

Cool blue living room painting

Body enveloped the bright colours: cool blue and pistachio green, indicating a distinct colour different part of the room. Blue dominates not only outside, but also around it, and also in the cavity, which this time turned into a job for a young artist. While the delicate green covers the outer surfaces around the bay and the entire sidewall of the living room.

Colorful painting living room

The importance of colour is cool calm and creativity, interior design of such selected colours visually enlarges the interior walls and the walls away from each other. The warm colours give the illusion of reducing the distance. Therefore, if we want to visually improve the proportions of long and narrow living room, just the two shorter walls painted in yellow or another colour, the remainder in the warm range of colours, the longer wall faces the living room to use the cool tones, for example (as in this case) blue.

Cool blue painted wall

Pastel apint wall colors design 

Thinner: Information, then the paint should be diluted to obtain the proper consistency. Certifications: Paints that are not hygienic evaluation of the National Institute of Health (NIH) may be harmful to health. It is better to buy a product with a certificate. The packaging may be information on other attestations e.g. Certificate of compliance with the Polish Standard, Mark “E” – ecologically safe product. Paints so marked have good quality and are safe for health and the environment. Warranty: The warranty period and date of manufacture or for suitability for use indicate how long the paint retains its properties and forms a coating of good quality.

Light blue wall painting

Light blue wall painting interior design

If the product is located in a tightly closed container at a temperature of 5-30 degrees C, this is usually 6-12 months. How to paint and how to buy? The room: Think about what you want to paint the interior. To buy kitchen and bathroom paint resistant to wet scrubbing. In rooms less exposed to dirt, paint the walls with paint resistant to wiping dry. Packaging: Calculate how much paint you need and select the appropriate packaging, the bigger it is the price per litre lower.

Bolder paint walls

Bolder paint walls decorating living room

If the store does not have the paint in the selected colour, we can do it themselves, adding pigment pastes to paint white. This method is not perfect – it is difficult to earn some extra money by the same colour ink when it runs out to paint the walls. Famous manufacturers supply distributors in the paint mixing equipment. Seller may make the paint in the colour selected by the customer from a palette of even a few thousand shades.

Dining room bolder color

Dining room bolder color decorating

White paint color

White paint color rainbow interior design