Contemporary Minimalist Jelenovac Residence

A house in the wake of the benefits of green field views, located in Jelenovac, Zagreb, Croatia. Jelenovac site itself is at the intersection of two streets, and surrounded by family homes, and city parks in Jelenovac on the front. Utilizing the beautiful landscape, the house is done by DVA Arhitekta, by creating a position that allows the house has a small garden that can be enabled as well as a tampon zone between traffic and large garden. Contemporary minimalist home design is also influenced by the slope of the terrain, resulting in a home base that is equipped with a secondary, outer space and the entrance.
Geometry websites also give effect to the design of the house, by following the geometry that you, the house built by dividing itself into two parts. In the middle of the volume, is an area that contains cladded spiral staircase made of wood, creating contemporary artistic forms, with a curved shape corresponding to the orthogonal system of the house, with a gentle manner that extraordinary. This ladder is also a central element in the interior. Section with an interior volume of the larger and open, used as living space, while the smaller used as an additional utilisable. On the exterior the house is seen in a minimalist design, which is dominant in white with a black list. Smooth white facade contrasts with the dark openings create a dynamic and elegance of the facade. In this house used glass fence that allows, the views out over open unhindered.
by DVA Arhitekta